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Cafe Style Shutters For Cheshire, Manchester and Beyond

Bring a sophisticated continental ambience to your home or business with a Cafe Style Shutter.

One of the most popular trends in window shutters, especially with Victorian houses, town houses, bars and restaurants, Cafe Style shutters are a beautiful style of shutter, which cover the lower half of the bay window only. Fitted to the bottom half of your window – normally half way up or down your window mid-rail – interior Cafe Style shutters give incredible kerbside appeal and are perfect for preventing passers by looking into your rooms. They are also perfect for offices and waiting rooms, as they allow people to sit or wait without being overlooked.

Cafe Style Shutters offer Flexible design

Give your home or business that continental ambience with our Cafe Style shutters which are fitted to the bottom half of your window – normally half way up or down your window mid-rail.

Privacy & light control

With our internal Cafe Style window shutters, you can keep your space private from prying eyes with their attractive half-length design. You or customers can read a book or just relax in total privacy while natural light floods in through the top half. And with a UV protective finishing, you can be assured that your Cafe Style shutter will block out any light without themselves fading.

Thermal insulation

Cafe Style shutters are adept at insulating homes and businesses. During Summer and Winter, these shutters provide protection from the elements, including the sun’s heat and glare, and insulating rooms from the cold by providing an extra layer of warmth and protection. The louvres can be adjusted for air flow as required. By closing your shutters at dusk, you can trap in natural heat and substantially reduce your heating costs.

External noise reduction

Not only do Cafe Style shutters give your house or business that French chic feel, a fully-closed Cafe Style shutter is a perfect natural noise barrier. Additionally, while blinds may bang and rattle around, the sturdy build of these shutters allows them to be completely noiseless.

Easy to Clean Cafe Style Shutters

Having dust in your home or business is not only unsightly, but can be a breeding ground for allergy producing dust mites. Dust on our shutters can simply be wiped away, far easier than blinds and curtains

Perfectly fitted to any window or door

Unlike blinds, which are often mass-produced, our Cafe Style shutters can be designed and fitted to suit any window or door. Our made-to-measure Cafe Style shutters are specially made to fit your window or door within the millimetre. Fully customisable to suit any home or business, these shutters can be constructed from various woods and can be stained or painted to your specification.

Free Measure & Quote

Our experts can come to you anywhere in Cheshire, Manchester and the  North West for an in-house design consultation with no obligations. Our plantation shutter quotes include construction and installation so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Made To Measure Plantation Shutters

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Professional Shutter Installation

Most shutter installations only take 1/2 a day. All of our installers have an expert background in the shutter industry so you get the peace of mind knowing that your plantation shutters will look perfect.

Call us today on 0161 401 4551 or book your free consultation with the plantation shutter experts

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