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Wooden Shutters Cheshire – Bespoke Full Height, Tier on Tier, or Cafe Style

Maximise the appeal of your Cheshire home with wooden shutters. They are a superb choice for any Cheshire property  –  aesthetically appealing, value-adding, energy efficient and offering complete light control.

We provide the best, bespoke wooden plantation shutters in Cheshire that are guaranteed to effortlessly fit in with your home.

Some Cheshire properties are perfect for bespoke full-height wooden shutters, other homes may be best suited to bespoke cafe style wooden shutter, others tier-on-tier. We work with you to find the overall best shutter solution for your home.

Genuine Cheshire Wooden Shutter Suppliers

Wooden shutters Cheshire
Wooden shutters Cheshire – Bi Fold Full Height Panels

At Sublime Shutters, we are passionate and expert suppliers of wooden shutters in Cheshire.

We focus only on shutters and only on Cheshire and surrounding areas.

We are not a national chain where you are never quite sure who you are dealing with.

We offer a completely free consultation service without obligation.

We visit at a convenient time, discuss your requirements and then come up with a design or range of options for wooden shutters.

You are left with a written quote to respond to if you wish.

If you are after a rough guide to likely price we can also work with your measurements and provide a near-instant guide quote over the phone or online.

Of course, we would then need to carry out our own measurements, but you would have a good guide as to likely cost.

Wherever you are in Cheshire – Wilmslow, Knutsford, Chester, Prestbury or anywhere else – please call us on 01625 300 350 or get in touch online with any queries or to arrange that obligation-free consultation. 

Why Choose Wooden Shutters For Your Cheshire Home?

Shutters have grown in popularity in recent decades, but why choose them over curtains or blinds?

We believe wooden plantation shutters have a number of compelling advantages and these cover both your time at the property and also should you ever look to sell.

Tier On Tier Wood Stained shutters
Tier On Tier Wood Stained

Selling might be way off in the future, the immediate benefits of far more importance.

When designed with love and by true specialists like us, shutters add elegance and style to any room. They make the window a feature, even if that window was previously a somewhat unsightly PVC affair and they also blend in with the rest of the room, whatever the style.

Shutters work with rooms with a classical, elegant feel; they work equally well with a more modernistic, minimal look.

You can get a feel for wooden shutters on properties similar to yours by browsing the three galleries below; the images are sure to also give you some inspiration as you look ahead to how your rooms could look.

  • Tier on tier shutters (these are shutters that have a top and bottom section, so you can, for example, have the bottom half shut for privacy, the top half opened up to let light in.
  • Cafe style shutters (these shutters cover just the bottom portion of the window. They can be a great option when the homeowner wants to always have the top section free to let the light stream in)

Wooden shutters also provide insulation both against noise and the weather outside.

Closing shutters in the evening help keep heat in, greatly reducing the annual heating bill.

Unlike blinds, shutters also insulate against external noise, making your rooms that bit more relaxing, that bit more sealed off from the outside world.

Wooden shutters also allow you to easily control the amount of light and air flow let in, gone are the all-or-nothing limitations of curtains and blinds.

Shutters are also a perfect fit for any window and the range of style options ensures the right look is achieved – some rooms are more suited to certain styles; we can run you through the benefits of each relative to your property during a consultation.

Wooden Shutters Cheshire: Financial Benefits 

Wooden plantation shutters are a choice with huge benefits and an upgrade that also makes shrewd financial sense by  adding value to any property.

At Sublime Shutters, we have a hugely experienced team with decades of combined knowledge. Our shutters are made with love from solid, hardwood timber, you will not find MDF being used in our bespoke installations.

To find out more about us and why we have a five-star rating from independent reviews on Google, please have a looka round this site and if you are considering wooden shutters for your Cheshire home do give us a call on 01625 300 350.

Free Measure & Quote

Our experts can come to you anywhere in Cheshire, Manchester and the  North West for an in-house design consultation with no obligations. Our plantation shutter quotes include construction and installation so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Made To Measure Plantation Shutters

Call us today on 0161 401 4551 or book your free consultation with the shutter experts

Professional Shutter Installation

Most shutter installations only take 1/2 a day. All of our installers have an expert background in the shutter industry so you get the peace of mind knowing that your plantation shutters will look perfect.

Call us today on 0161 401 4551 or book your free consultation with the plantation shutter experts

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